Candidates for Statewide Office to Attend Annual Meeting

Two Libertarian candidates for statewide office have confirmed that they will be attending the annual meeting of the Libertarian Party of Santa Clara County, this Saturday (27 January), in San Jose.

Nickolas Wildstar, who is running for Governor, and Derrick Michael Reid, who is running for US Senate, will be attending the meeting to be held at the Fish Market restaurant, 1007 Blossom Hill Road.  Several candidates from Santa Clara County, running for city council, State Assembly, and US House, are also expected to be there.  Attendees will have a chance to meet these candidates and ask questions about their campaigns.

The annual meeting of the county central committee is the occasion for election of new officers of the county organization for the coming year.  Although only current central committee members are eligible to vote on this and other business, the meeting is otherwise open to all interested libertarians. For anyone who wants to find out more about the Libertarians running for public office this year, this is a great opportunity!

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