Libertarians Reach Out to High School Students Again

In what has become a twice-a-year tradition, local Libertarian Party members again had a table at the Junior State of America regional convention this month. This event, which has been held in Santa Clara for many years, brings together high school students interested in politics and government.


LP members spoke with many students, who as usual found the libertarian viewpoint to be one of the more interesting ones presented at the event. Students had the opportunity to take the “World’s Smallest Political Quiz” and see where they stand on the Nolan Chart.  And many found the selection of free buttons irresistible!


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Petition to Repeal Gas Tax Now Available

The petition to repeal the increased tax on gasoline is now available for circulation. The measure, an initiative constitutional amendment sponsored by Reform California, actually does more than just repeal this increase.  It also requires that future gasoline and related tax/fee increases be approved by a vote of the people. This project has been endorsed by the Libertarian Party of California.

Citizens of any political party can help get this measure on the ballot by circulating and signing the petition. A copy of the form is available for download at on the LP of Santa Clara County web site.

Detailed instructions are included in the file. The form has room for up to two signatures, so you can have another member of your household sign too.  Or you can just sign it yourself, and then mail it back.

Central Committee Endorses Four Candidates

The central committee of the Libertarian Party of Santa Clara County today endorsed four candidates who will be running in the June 2018 Primary.

Kennita Watson, who ran for US House District 17 in 2016, will be running again for the same seat.

Robert Imhoff will be running for State Assembly District 25.

And two candidates will be running for City Council in San Jose – Jennifer Imhoff in District 5, and Chris Le in District 7.