Libertarians in the Rose White and Blue Parade

Libertarian activists provided a visual display of the LP’s place in American history as they marched through San Jose on the morning of Independence Day.


Participating for the first time in the annual “Rose White and Blue Parade”, the Libertarians carried signs and flags intended to remind the watching public of the “1970s Era of Social Change” — one of the historical periods suggested by parade organizers as appropriate themes for this year’s parade.  At the same time they linked this period to the formation of the Libertarian Party itself.  The LP was founded in 1971.


The banner introducing the LP was followed by several Gadsden flags — the “don’t tread on me” flag that has been a symbol of opposition to tyranny from the days of the American Revolution and which continues to be popular among Libertarians to this day.  Other signs and flags relating to issues with which the LP has been identified since its founding followed.

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