State Convention Held in Santa Clara, Elects New Officers

The Libertarian Party of California held its annual convention this past weekend in Santa Clara, electing new officers for a two-year term, along with additional members of the LPC Executive Committee.

DSC08914f(Delegate Ed Wimmers from San Jose and former State Chair Aaron Starr line up to cast ballots, with local members of the Libertarian Youth Caucus acting as tellers.)

The new Executive Committee, including several members elected at the 2016 convention to a two-year term, is as follows:

Chair: Ted Brown
Northern Vice Chair: Kenneth Brent Olsen
Southern Vice Chair: Jonathan Jaech
Secretary: Mimi Robson
Treasurer: Steve Haugh
At Large Members:
Alex Appleby
Dave Bowers
Wendy Hewitt
Robert Imhoff
Tyler Kuskie
Zachary Moore
Boomer Shannon
Eric Vaughnes
Susan Marie Weber
Jason Wu

DSC08944f(Executive Committee members for the coming year.)

Two of the members of the new Executive Committee, Treasurer Steve Haug and At Large member Robert Imhoff, are from Santa Clara County. The convention also elected two Alternates, one of whom is from Santa Clara County.

DSC08914f(Newly-elected LPC Treasurer Steve Haug addresses the convention.)

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