LP of Santa Clara County opposes San Jose “flag ban”

[resolution adopted by the county central committee, 21 January 2017]

As it is not a proper function of government to be taking sides in matters of expression or conscience, the city of San Jose should stay neutral with respect to the display of symbols on the property that it controls, including flag poles. The simplest way to avoid problems of this type is for the city not to be involved at all in the display of symbols that have nothing to do with its own operation; for example, to display on city-owned flag poles only its own flag, or those of the state of California or the United States. But if it is going to allow the display of flags representing other entities, it should allow the display of flags of any similar entities. For example if it is going to allow the display of the flags of other nation-states, it should allow the display of the flag of any nation-state.

Accordingly, the Libertarian Party of Santa Clara County opposes the resolution currently before the San Jose City Council to “ban” the flag of one particular nation-state from city-owned flag poles. The city should either allow any foreign flag to be displayed, or get out of the business of displaying foreign flags at all.

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