Santa Clara Art and Wine Festival

The Libertarian Party of Santa Clara County had a booth at the (City of) Santa Clara Art and Wine Festival. It took place on Saturday, Sept 17 and Sunday, Sept 18, 2016 at Central Park in the city of Santa Clara. Our booth location was out of the way so we did not get a lot of traffic. The location assignments were random (and we wound up next to the Hillary booth). We had cordial relations with the Hillary booth (and helped them relocate to a shadier spot).

One of the advantages of being out of the way is that we could talk a little longer with people who stopped by. There were a couple of visitors of note: David Friedman and Patrick Peterson. It was nice having Spanish and Vietnamese literature and we gave out a few of those.

We were able to distribute Gary Johnson yard signs and several libertarian buttons to passers-by. In contrast to past years, most people were aware of the Libertarian Party and Gary Johnson even if they did not know much about us. Because of the heightened awareness, we focused on campaign literature rather than using the Advocates Quiz. There were about 15-20 people who wanted a button, yard sign or door hanger.

Thanks to our all volunteers who staffed the booth: Don Cormier, Robert and Jennifer Imhoff, John Low, and Sam Grove. Special thanks to our full time volunteers: Kennita Watson, Jonathan Ullman, and Ed Wimmers.

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