Candidates for Statewide Office to Attend Annual Meeting

Two Libertarian candidates for statewide office have confirmed that they will be attending the annual meeting of the Libertarian Party of Santa Clara County, this Saturday (27 January), in San Jose.

Nickolas Wildstar, who is running for Governor, and Derrick Michael Reid, who is running for US Senate, will be attending the meeting to be held at the Fish Market restaurant, 1007 Blossom Hill Road.  Several candidates from Santa Clara County, running for city council, State Assembly, and US House, are also expected to be there.  Attendees will have a chance to meet these candidates and ask questions about their campaigns.

The annual meeting of the county central committee is the occasion for election of new officers of the county organization for the coming year.  Although only current central committee members are eligible to vote on this and other business, the meeting is otherwise open to all interested libertarians. For anyone who wants to find out more about the Libertarians running for public office this year, this is a great opportunity!

For more details about this event, including a schedule and map, visit:

For more information about Wildstar for Governor, visit:

For more information about Reid for Senate, visit:


Libertarians Reach Out to High School Students Again

In what has become a twice-a-year tradition, local Libertarian Party members again had a table at the Junior State of America regional convention this month. This event, which has been held in Santa Clara for many years, brings together high school students interested in politics and government.


LP members spoke with many students, who as usual found the libertarian viewpoint to be one of the more interesting ones presented at the event. Students had the opportunity to take the “World’s Smallest Political Quiz” and see where they stand on the Nolan Chart.  And many found the selection of free buttons irresistible!


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Petition to Repeal Gas Tax Now Available

The petition to repeal the increased tax on gasoline is now available for circulation. The measure, an initiative constitutional amendment sponsored by Reform California, actually does more than just repeal this increase.  It also requires that future gasoline and related tax/fee increases be approved by a vote of the people. This project has been endorsed by the Libertarian Party of California.

Citizens of any political party can help get this measure on the ballot by circulating and signing the petition. A copy of the form is available for download at on the LP of Santa Clara County web site.

Detailed instructions are included in the file. The form has room for up to two signatures, so you can have another member of your household sign too.  Or you can just sign it yourself, and then mail it back.

Central Committee Endorses Four Candidates

The central committee of the Libertarian Party of Santa Clara County today endorsed four candidates who will be running in the June 2018 Primary.

Kennita Watson, who ran for US House District 17 in 2016, will be running again for the same seat.

Robert Imhoff will be running for State Assembly District 25.

And two candidates will be running for City Council in San Jose – Jennifer Imhoff in District 5, and Chris Le in District 7.

Libertarians in the Rose White and Blue Parade

Libertarian activists provided a visual display of the LP’s place in American history as they marched through San Jose on the morning of Independence Day.


Participating for the first time in the annual “Rose White and Blue Parade”, the Libertarians carried signs and flags intended to remind the watching public of the “1970s Era of Social Change” — one of the historical periods suggested by parade organizers as appropriate themes for this year’s parade.  At the same time they linked this period to the formation of the Libertarian Party itself.  The LP was founded in 1971.


The banner introducing the LP was followed by several Gadsden flags — the “don’t tread on me” flag that has been a symbol of opposition to tyranny from the days of the American Revolution and which continues to be popular among Libertarians to this day.  Other signs and flags relating to issues with which the LP has been identified since its founding followed.

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Libertarians Reach Out to High School Students

The political fair at the recent convention of Junior State of America, held Saturday 22 April in Santa Clara, had a sizeable Libertarian presence. Activists from several Bay Area counties came together to provide a display of literature and buttons and to explain Libertarian ideas to the delegates — students from high schools in Northern California interested in politics and government.


This year the Libertarian representatives included two organizers of the Libertarian Youth Caucus — high-school students themselves who were able to make use of this opportunity to reach out to future voters in their own age group.



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State Convention Held in Santa Clara, Elects New Officers

The Libertarian Party of California held its annual convention this past weekend in Santa Clara, electing new officers for a two-year term, along with additional members of the LPC Executive Committee.

DSC08914f(Delegate Ed Wimmers from San Jose and former State Chair Aaron Starr line up to cast ballots, with local members of the Libertarian Youth Caucus acting as tellers.)

The new Executive Committee, including several members elected at the 2016 convention to a two-year term, is as follows:

Chair: Ted Brown
Northern Vice Chair: Kenneth Brent Olsen
Southern Vice Chair: Jonathan Jaech
Secretary: Mimi Robson
Treasurer: Steve Haugh
At Large Members:
Alex Appleby
Dave Bowers
Wendy Hewitt
Robert Imhoff
Tyler Kuskie
Zachary Moore
Boomer Shannon
Eric Vaughnes
Susan Marie Weber
Jason Wu

DSC08944f(Executive Committee members for the coming year.)

Two of the members of the new Executive Committee, Treasurer Steve Haug and At Large member Robert Imhoff, are from Santa Clara County. The convention also elected two Alternates, one of whom is from Santa Clara County.

DSC08914f(Newly-elected LPC Treasurer Steve Haug addresses the convention.)

LP of Santa Clara County Elects Officers

At its annual meeting on 21 January 2017 in San Jose, the Central Committee of the Libertarian Party of Santa Clara County elected the following officers for the coming year:

Chair – Joe Dehn
Vice Chair – Mark Hinkle
Secretary – Jennifer Imhoff-Dousharm
Treasurer – Robert Imhoff-Dousharm
Activities Chair – Kennita Watson
Campaigns Chair – John Inks
Fundraising Chair – Jennifer Imhoff-Dousharm
Membership Chair – Chris Le

The officers make up the party’s Executive Committee, which is responsible for conducting party business between meetings of the Central Committee.

The Central Committee also elected the following three members to serve as the Judicial Committee, which serves as an appeals body for party business:

Anirban Das
Al Newman
Bill White


LP of Santa Clara County opposes San Jose “flag ban”

[resolution adopted by the county central committee, 21 January 2017]

As it is not a proper function of government to be taking sides in matters of expression or conscience, the city of San Jose should stay neutral with respect to the display of symbols on the property that it controls, including flag poles. The simplest way to avoid problems of this type is for the city not to be involved at all in the display of symbols that have nothing to do with its own operation; for example, to display on city-owned flag poles only its own flag, or those of the state of California or the United States. But if it is going to allow the display of flags representing other entities, it should allow the display of flags of any similar entities. For example if it is going to allow the display of the flags of other nation-states, it should allow the display of the flag of any nation-state.

Accordingly, the Libertarian Party of Santa Clara County opposes the resolution currently before the San Jose City Council to “ban” the flag of one particular nation-state from city-owned flag poles. The city should either allow any foreign flag to be displayed, or get out of the business of displaying foreign flags at all.